EZ-TUBE Extension, Dark Flax, 36 Inches, 1 Pound
end of a tail. This extension is attached at the end of the tail bone,
opening. What sets it apart from other tube style extensions is the
EZ-TUBE's softness and pliability as well as it's ability to open and
close, allowing for a customized final fit, keeping the tube end snug
with the tail bone.

If you can make ONE braid, you can attach an EZ-TUBE Tail
Attaches in just minutes and, as with all of our
extensions, it moves with your horse's tail!

The EZ-TUBE Tail Extension is crafted using the same technique as
horse tail hair. Each individual hair is attached to the backing matrix
utilizing the wig-making technique of tying in each individual hair (no
glue!). The backing matrix is made from a flexible material which is
color-coordinated to the tail hair color.

The EZ-TUBE Tail Extension is attached to the tail via braiding (one
braid) which is an accepted method of attachment for breed
associations requiring "hair-on-hair" methods of attachment for tail
extensions. Click
HERE for attachment instructions
EZ-TUBE Extension, Dark Flax, 36", 1 Pound