Therapeutic Tail Extension

The Therapeutic Tail Extension was developed by NewTail Horse Tail Extensions
specifically to help horses with minimal tail hair protect themselves from biting
insects. This is not a show extension. Rather, it is a utilitarian extension which
augments the horse’s existing tail, enhancing its ability to whisk away insects and
be more comfortable.

The Therapeutic Tail Extension is created using the same method as our other
extensions, incorporating hand-tied wefts of tail hair which are sewn into a water
resistant material backing. The extension attaches to the tail via three
strategically positioned clips which hold it firmly in place.

This extension is suitable for use in the pasture and on trail rides. It can also be
left attached to the tail, though it must be removed and checked every few days
for signs of damage or irritation to the skin.


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NewTail Horse Tail Extensions
The Therapeutic Tail Extension utilizes three
clips for attachment. The top clip’s teeth face
downward, the middle clip faces to the right,
and the lower clip faces to the left. This locks
the extension in place from three different
To open the clip, bend that section of the
extension outward until the teeth section snaps
open. To lock the clip, bend in the opposite
direction until the teeth snap closed.
After opening all three clips, brush the tail
thoroughly and determine where the extension
will be attached. This will typically be 1/4 to 1/2
of the way down the tail bone. Make a part in
the tail hair and clip/tie the hair above the part
up out of the way.
Our extensions are created specifically for each customer.
Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.
Insert the teeth of the top clip into the tail hair
at the part made in the tail hair.
Push the sides of the extension forward
(toward the tail bone) to close and lock the
clip in place
Next, align the center clip. If the tail hair is
thick here, use your finger to move the top
layers to the left and out of the way so that
the clip can close on the hair next to the skin.
Lock this second clip in place.
layers of tail hair back out of the way so that
Repeat for the third clip. Again, move the top
to the skin. If the clip is inserted into too thick
a section of hair, it will not close and lock
securely and the teeth can become bent.
Again, push forward on the edges of the clip
under the extension to lock it into place.
Release the upper tail hair that was tied out
of the way. Brush tail to blend.

This 16.1 hands mare rubs her tail. Note how
this ½ pound, 36 inch extension adds to her
ability to protect herself from insects.
Push forward toward teeth to open     Push downward to lock closed
Therapeutic Tail Extension, Black, 36", 1/2 LB
Therapeutic Tail Extension, Chestnut, 36", 1/2 LB
Therapeutic Tail Extension, Light Sorrel, 36", 1/2 LB
Therapeutic Tail Extension, Sorrel, 36", 1/2 LB
Therapeutic Tail Extension, Dark Sorrel, 36", 1/2 LB