Show Your Colors!
Show Your Colors! is our new line of dyed mane extensions that clip on in seconds! Great for drill teams, parades,
pictures, costume classes, pony/horse clubs, or whenever you want to proudly show your colors!

Each extension is 5 inches wide and contains naturally tapered 18-inch mane hair. And attachment couldn't be
easier - Simply part the mane, clip in, and comb to blend.
NewTail Horse Tail Extensions
Show Your Colors Mane Extension
Comb mane thoroughly.
Standing on opposite side of where mane
naturally falls, use a fine comb to part the hair,
separating a thin top layer of the mane.
Push forward on clips to open.
Insert teeth of clip into the part, allowing
the extension hair to lay on the mane
remaining on the correct side.
Push down on clips to lock in place.
Lay the separated thin section of
mane hair over the extension.
Comb to blend.
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Available Colors: