Hunter Jumper Clip-In Extensions

Need just a bit more fullness for your horse's tail? There's nothing easier than
the Hunter Jumper Clip-In extension. This extension was created to fit neatly
under a tail braid.

These extensions incorporate a clip that locks the extension firmly in place. And
since the attachment portion of the extension is only 1.5 inches wide, and 1/4 of
an inch thick, it attaches invisibly at any point along the tail bone. Attach one or
more to achieve the look you want. Each Hunter Jumper Clip-In Extension is 1/4
pound and 36 inches long.

As with all of our extensions, the Hunter Jumper Clip-In Extension is made using
the wig-making technique of tying each individual hair into the material matrix.
That means no glued-in hair and no large plastic cap to hide.

BEFORE                  AFTER

Our extensions are created specifically for each customer. Please allow
2 weeks for delivery.


1. Comb tail thoroughly.

2.  Determine location on tail bone where extension is to be attached.

3.  Make a horizontal part in the tail hair (from left to right), and hold the upper
hair out of the way.

4. Bend clip outward to open.

5. Insert teeth of the clip into the tail hair at the part. Bend clip inward to close
and lock in place.

6. Use a brush to blend tail hair in with extension hair. Braid tail.
Hunter Jumper Clip-In Extension, Black, 36", 1/4 Pound
Hunter Jumper Clip-In Extension, Light Sorrel, 36", 1/4 Pound
Hunter Jumper Clip-In Extension, Sorrel, 36", 1/4 Pound
Hunter Jumper Clip-In Extension, Dark Sorrel, 36", 1/4 Pound
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Hunter Jumper Clip-In Extension, Chestnut, 36", 1/4 Pound
For Flaxens, Greys, Palomino and White, contact us for quote.
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