NewTail Horse Tail Extensions uses
VIP Horse Care Products
VIP Mane & Tail Polish & Detangler

to a high gloss with this natural, great smelling,
conditioning formula. Avocado oil makes hair more
manageable and gives it shine while rice bran oil softens,
moisturizes and protects delicate skin. This formula won't
sting the eyes or cause digestive problems and provides
mild sun protection. Use every day as part of your normal
grooming routine to prevent severe tangling and keep your
horse looking its best. Use this formula on mane and tail

8 oz Bottle
VIP Mane & Tail Polish & Detangler
With Natural Organic Conditioners

ViP's all-natural formula is a luxurious, organic experience
for you and your horse. Using only the finest ingredients and
conditioners, they created a shampoo that cleans
thoroughly, removing even the toughest stains, even
manure, from the toughest areas like white patches. VIP
has added antioxidants such as Green Tea to help
condition and moisturize hair and skin for long-lasting
health and highlights. VIP Horse Shampoo gives your horse
an award-winning shine with no residue, no harsh
detergents, no additives to irritate or dry the skin. It's safe to
use as often as desired to keep your horse's coat in
optimum shape.

16 oz Bottle
VIP Horse Shampoo
NewTail Horse Tail Extensions