Frequently Asked Questions
1. Q: What is you return policy?
item unused, along with the invoice, within 30 days of the invoice date for a
refund (minus shipping). After 30 days, we do not accept returns or make

2. Q: What type of extension is right for me?
A: Click here to see our
Extension Decision Matrix

3. Q: What is the purpose of the NewTail horse tail extension?
A: The
NewTail Horse Tail Extension was created specifically for horses
with tails damaged due to rubbing, surgery or infection.

4. Q. How does the
NewTail differ from other horse tail extensions?
A. Unlike other tail extensions which attach at the end of the tail bone to
add length to a tail, the
NewTail is attached where the tail joins the body
to cover damaged areas and add overall fullness.

5. Q. Does the
NewTail use an approved hair-on-hair method for
attachment of the extension?
A. No – The
NewTail attaches to the tail by way of a specialized tail wrap,
which is not recognized as a hair-on-hair method of attachment. However,
our EZ-TUBE and Wrap-Around Tail Extensions are attached via braids,
which is an approved method.

6. Q. How long can I leave the
NewTail , EZ-TUBE or Wrap-Around
Extension attached?
A. We recommend leaving the
NewTail attached for no longer than one
hour at a time. The system attaches in seconds and can be easily
attached before entering the show ring.
Since the NewTail attaches to
the tail by way of a neoprene tail wrap, attachment for an extended
period of time could possibly result in reduction in circulation to
the tail which could result in injury.
The EZ-TUBE and Wrap-Around Extensions should be left in no longer
than one day, since they can be damaged if the horse rolls, rubs or steps
on them.

7. Q. How do I maintain my tail extension?
A. Your tail extension can be combed or brushed. Each individual hair is
tied in and secure. To remove knots, we recommend laying the extension
across your lap and, using your fingers, comb through one small section at
a time until the entire extension is free-flowing.

8. Q. Can I wash my tail extension?
A. Yes. Our extensions are constructed from 100% non-dyed horse tail
hair, and can be washed and conditioned just the same as your horse's
tail. Try not to get the backing and hook-and-loop material wet. If this
happens, we recommend that you blow dry the backing material on low to
dry completely.

9. Q. My horse's tail does not match any of the standard colors on your
site. Can you create a tail extension to match my horse's tail?
A. Yes. Simply send us 25 hairs from your horses tail that are
representative of the overall tail color, and we can construct a
NewTail ,
EZ-TUBE or Wrap-Around Extension for you. We will provide a free price
quote with no obligation.
NewTail Horse Tail Extensions